Podcasting is still unfamiliar territory for many academics, but the number of good quality history podcasts is growing rapidly. Elizabeth Green Musselman has entered the fray with the first podcast devoted exclusively to the history of science, technology, and medicine. Her podcast, The Missing Link, is a delightful program consisting of several half hour episodes on a particular theme. The latest episode includes live audio of Ted Porter’s lecture at the most recent History of Science Society conference in Washington DC. Earlier episodes explored science fiction, gender, and animal companions. Much of the podcast content comes from Musselman herself, but she has also encouraged her students to prepare short essays, and welcomes outside submissions as well. The program has a high-quality production value which makes for a pleasant listening experience. Individual episodes might be easily incorporated into syllabi as lecture supplements, or as part of a larger assignment. Hopefully, Musselman is only the first of many historians of science who will explore podcasting as a means of engaging the public, which is indeed the missing link.

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