Primary Source Challenge #1: "I just might be in there."

In the tradition of the great mathematical problem challenges of the last four centuries, Americanscience is kicking off a series of challenges aimed at teachers and interpreters of HOS in the USA. We’ll post a primary source text of some interest or complexity and ask you to use the comments to pitch an inventive and insightful approach to that text. How would you fold it into a US history course? Or into an HOS course? What might we expect students to get out of it? What texts could we pair with it? What potential challenges does the text pose? (Short = good.)

I’m kicking off this series with one of my favorite discoveries of the last few years: “Little Boy Boo,” an installment from Looney Tunes in 1954

Granted, this is no brachistochrone (original figures here), but I think it will be entertaining and enlightening.

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