History of Science / STS in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort by Moshe Safdie Architects in Singapore.

I recently took a trip to Singapore, which is a great place to visit.  (If for no other reason than that the food is amazing!)  One thing that really struck me is the extent to which history, philosophy, sociology, and anthropology of science are taking off there.

Singapore has two main research universities: the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University.  Both of them are actively building an HOS / STS / HPS presence.  In my view, this is very good news for the discipline.

Among the more high-profile changes taking place in Singapore’s academic landscape is the recent partnership between the NUS and Yale to build a joint liberal arts college on the south-east Asian island.  You may have heard that Yale’s faculty have recently registered their complaints against this venture.

The purpose of this post is primarily to post a link to my friend Hallam Stevensthoughts on the matter, which are worth reading.

It does not hurt that it also gives me an excuse to share a photo I took of the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort.  It is a giant casino built by Moshe Safdie (of Habitat ’67 fame) in Singapore.  Not gonna say I’m a huge fan in terms of its formal qualities, but it certainly makes a statement!

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