Links: Crowdsourcing, reproductive tech, and more on Ebola

Celebrated recreational mathematician Martin Gardner

Martin Gardner, indefatigable debunker and longtime editor of the “Mathematical Games” column in Scientific American would have been 100 tomorrow.

Researchers at Oregon State University are asking for the public’s help in transcribing the letters of the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, including those of Albert Einstein. Also check out NYT’s new advertisement database Madison, where the public is also being recruited to sort through its digitized archive.

Apple and Facebook are paying for employees to freeze their eggs. The business media is listening.

Thinking about rural and urban spaces in the history of public health.

“Sisterhood” reconsidered: students and administrators debate how transgender students fit into women’s college communities.

An undercurrent of ugly gender politics in gamer culture breaks the surface once again, even as more and more stories and statistics defy the stereotype of the male gamer.

According to Paul Farmer, Ebola is “more a symptom of a weak healthcare system than anything else.” He has five recommendations for treating the disease more effectively.

Distributed computing goes mobile! UC Irvine researchers have turned smartphones into cosmic-ray detectors. Read the paper and sign up for the beta test.

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