Links for (the evening of) December 22

Klein bottle...opener (via

Klein bottle…opener (via

  • Remedia, a history of medicine blog out of Harvard, has continued its “Spaces” series (previously featured here) with two more great posts: Simon Jenkins on sex and contagion in Cardiff’s docklands and Stef Eastoe on the social geography of the asylum.
  • The holidays are here! Not quite done your shopping yet? That’s ok, you still have time to read about the science of gift-giving here. And if you still need some ideas, check out the best gifts for science nerds for 2014.
  • The Journal of Visual Culture has devoted this month’s issue to internet memes.
  • Ever wondered what’s in your water supply? Nautilus has a story about the various pharmaceutical traces found in waterways across the US. (“Pharmaceutical soup” is how one scientist describes the situation.)
  • Christian Caryl doesn’t think much of The Imitation GameThe film’s determination to”suggest maximum dramatic tension between their tragic outsider and a blinkered society,” he writes,”not only fatally miscasts Turing as a character—it also completely destroys any coherent telling of what he and his colleagues were trying to do.”
  • The Programming Historian is an online, open access, peer reviewed suite of about 30 tutorials that help humanists (though slanted towards historians) learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate their research.”
  • And the end of single-payer in Vermont.

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