AHA is here! Here are (some of) the panels you should attend

Rejoice! The American Historical Association’s annual meeting is upon us! This year the AHA has convened in New York City—at the Hilton and Sheraton hotels in Midtown Manhattan, to be precise.
The theme of the conference is “History and the Other Disciplines.” To get you in the appropriate anthropological, or even zoological, mood, watch this short documentary called “March of the Librarians.”

If you’re marching attending, there’s a pretty excellent app to download for your iOS or Android (and an equivalent mobile site for all four people still on Blackberry or Windows Phone). It lets you navigate and search the program in pretty much any way you desire. (Even cocktail receptions are included!) And thanks to a recent update, the app also lists interview locations, for those unlucky enough to have to wear a suit to the conference.

One very useful feature of the app is “My Schedule,” allowing you to save and view only the panels you’re interested in attending. Here are the panels I’ve saved. I’m including some Friday-midday sessions, even though this post is going up too late for the reader of this post to take my advice. And of course, the iron law of conferences holds true here: though there are about 300 sessions at AHA, the ones you want to see will always overlap.

(PS Come see your blogger present at 11:30 on Sunday, one of four papers on the awesome panel “The Authority of Science at the Edges of Empire.”)
















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